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About Us

Welcome to Mr. Mustang. We have been serving classic Mustang enthusiasts since 1975 when our love of Mustangs began as a hobby and quickly turned into a business.

In 1991 we were presented with the National Small Business Administration Exporter of the Year award by June Nichols, acting Deputy Administrator of the NSBA. Present were the Governor of Ohio, George Voinovich and U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Robert Mosbacher to congratulate us for an award for which we are very proud of.

We are known for our friendly personal service which has kept our customers coming back year after year. We hope you will agree.

Here are a few of the things others have said about us.

"Before long Mr. Mustang parts were being widely sold in Europe and Canada. The company became so successful in selling Ford Mustang auto parts overseas, it won the National Small Business Administration Exporter of the Year Award 1991" - Dayton Business Reporter,[ Vol. 3, Issue 6]

"Mr Mustangs interest in exporting started after returning from an international trade show in February of 1988. The company began to explore the possibility of exporting and learned that in 1992 the 12 countries that make up the European Economic Community would all merge into one single economy resulting in the elimination of many trade barriers."- OLD CARS News and Marketplace, [1991]

"Through your creative and innovative programs you [Mr. Mustang] have an outstanding record of success in international marketing in a highly specialized field. It is this kind of enterprise that is making Ohio a leader in international trade and increasing America's presence in the global marketplace." - John Glenn, United States Senator [1991]

"Dayton is a hot-bed of Mustang activity. One of the reasons for the current popularity is Mr. Mustang." - Mustang Monthly Magazine, [March 1984, Vol. 7, No.2]

"Mr. Mustang richly deserves their title, astutely keeping their fingers on the pulse of the Mustang parts marketplace." - Super Ford Magazine

" From fenders to armrests, he [Mr. Mustang] has your pony's part." - Cars and Parts magazine [June 1990]