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Tech Tips

Here you will find tips and information on installation of our products, including wiring diagrams, decals, etc. For more information on each topic, click the links below to download Adobe PDF documents that you can print and save to your computer.

What's the difference between a 1964½ and a 1965 Mustang?

The differences are minor, however there are a few. First of all, both 1964½ and 1965 cars carry the "5" in the serial number, so this cannot be used as an indicator. Cars built in 1964 used generators and '65's were designed with alternators, and cab be distinguished by the corresponding "GEN" and "ALT" warning lights on the dash gauge panel. Eaton pumps were used on the '64½, and the '65 cars used Ford pumps. The taillight wiring is another very good indicator as to which year the car was manufactured. The 1964-½ model utilized a separate boot which sealed the wires to the taillight housing, whereas 1965's took a taillight wiring harness with built-in boots that attached to the taillight housing. The hood also underwent modification for the half-year-change. The 1965 hood's leading edge was rolled under and the 1964's hood was not. Lastly, the 1965 gas cap was attached to the car by a cable, and the 1964's cap came completely off. Use this tech tip to distinguish Mustangs with unknown years.